Monthly Archives: September 2011

Monthly Archives: September 2011

Deeper Series :: Despicable Me

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Join Deeper Ministries in their 13 part journey called Despicable Me. This series is about the grace of God based on the book, The Grace of God, by Andy Stanley. 13+ weeks of nothing but Grace and only Grace, cuz Grace is all there is.

I Am Second | Stephen Baldwin

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Something was still missing…


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I’m tired… what next?  A scary question but a question that needs to be asked. -Tired of complaining about Status Quo and doing nothing about it… I’m a freakin’ hypocrite -Tired of complacency -Tired of spinning and going nowhere -Tired of fooling myself into thinking I’m making a difference -I’m tired… What next? -Tired of ignoring the very words I speak -Tired of thinking -Tired of analyzing everything and everyone and trying to sift through what’s real What next? -Tired …