Monthly Archives: June 2012

Monthly Archives: June 2012

Romans – In God We Trust – Week 20

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Pastor Steve Leddy continues our Romans series at our Lake Sammamish summer picnic worship service. In Romans 13, Paul extolls us to submit to the governmental authorities, since no government has power that God has not given it. Pastor Leddy also talks about trusting in God. This sermon covers Romans 13 verses 1 through 7.

An Interdependence Day Prayer

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Heavenly Father, You are the real foundation of nations, raising them up to serve and care for the people dwelling inside and outside their boundaries / Thank You for raising up a nation devoted to freedom and interdependence on You / Please bless this country with your Spirit so like Abraham and the followers You called before us, we can be a blessing to others Help us not to squander our abundance on frivolity / May our strength always be …

I Am Second | David Rodenberg

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Bi-polar. Sex addiction. Jailed. But my life was in God’s control.