About Graceroots

Dig in. Lay down some roots. Join the movement.

Graceroots Movement is an online community of believers who think that the church is more body than building. We believe that you have to start at square one of Christ’s unending grace and acceptance before moving on to denominational differences. And we believe that there is no message more important or more necessary in today’s world.

No “church clothes,” offering collection or evangelistic prophecy series here. Just GRACE. A grace that reminds us that we are free, important to the mission of Jesus Christ and empowered to continue to share the message with others through personal ministry and volunteerism.

We want to be a source for personal articles and blogs written by today’s premiere young adult authors and speakers, recorded sermons and services from young adult churches across America, music samples from quality Christian artists, video illustrations and messages on applicable topics and news updates on young adult ministries and service opportunities available across the nation.

Don’t think of Graceroots Movement as a replacement for a local church family. But consider us your own personal online worship appetizer, supplement, or jump start. No matter who you are or what you’ve done, you’re welcome.