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It is difficult, at times, to study the Bible.  It can be more entertaining, or at least easier to watch TV, get on the internet, etc.  Here are a couple of things that I would suggest (Some of this if found on the attachment)Make an appointment with God – Literally set up a time to meet with God where you will not be distracted.  Maybe go to a favorite spot and get comfortable.  Sit in silence for a while and really center on God and connect with Him through prayer, even if it means telling Him how far away you feel.

Open your Bible - Look for a passage in one of the Gospels that you enjoy.  Don’t worry about studying a complete chapter, rather look for a section (aka a pericope).  These are often identified by bold headings contained within the chapters.  Find a story and read it over and over again.  Typically this should just be 5-15 verses of the Bible.  As you read the story, each time try reading it from a different perspective, maybe using your senses (i.e. hear the story, feel the story, taste the story, see the story, smell the story).  I know that it may sound a bit crazy, but try it.  Get into it.

Rewrite the Story - Take a journal and now rewrite the story in your own words.  Don’t hesitate to use the Bible as a cheat sheet.  Look at it and write it in your own words.

Write a Prayer to God - Now that you’ve spent some time in this story, write a prayer to God based on that story.  What is He telling you?  What is frustrating to you?  What questions to you have?  What insights have you gleaned? etc….

Write a Response from God - Stop and listen to God.  Now that you’ve written a prayer to God, what is He saying back to you?  Write that down.  What do you sense Him telling you based on what you’ve just read.

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