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I recently received an email from a guy in Australia who was recently baptized!  Last year, while conducting a series of Gospel presentations at the Kellyville SDA Church in Sydney, he and his friend rode the train down from college each night to attend (about a 4hr round trip!).  Now, that’s commitment!

Here is his message:

Hey matty!

Im after some help and fingers crossed you can sort me out…
im trying to get into a daily devotion routine with my girlfriend to keep us both focused on God… any suggestions?? Cheers brother God bless

Here’s my response:

So I know that this may be a bit of a minor point, but lately I’ve become more convinced that God isn’t looking for us to have a devotional life, but rather a life of devotion. It is important to remember that the Bible didn’t come into mass production until the 1400’s. And even then it was very limited in its distribution. That said, the idea of having a “devotional life” (i.e. a specific time in the Bible each day) would’ve been a complete foreign concept to the early church (and the church for the first 1500+ years!).

What this means for you and me today, is not that we shouldn’t read our Bibles regularly, if not daily. What it DOES mean is that God desires that we be in devotion to the Word, Jesus Christ!

All that said, I think that it is great that you and your girlfriend are desiring to dive into the Bible together. A couple of things to consider are:

1 – If you both have SmartPhones, you can use the YouVersion App which has a slew of reading plans to pick from. Right now, one of my accountability partners and myself are reading through the The Essential 100, which for 100 days takes the most crucial 50 teachings of the OT and NT. You can be accountability partners where you’ll receive a weekly report as to what each of you have read. There are multiple plans to choose from, including The Essential Jesus (which would probably be a great place to start!).

2 – You could get a book such as 40 Days by Dennis Smith (it ought to be at your local ABC). Or another book designed for a daily devotional thought.

3 – You could simply pick a book out of the Bible and read a chapter a day (or whatever you decide). The book of Proverbs has 31 chapters so you could read one chapter for each day of the month. Or you could pick on NT book and read a chapter a day and reflect on what you’ve read each day when you guys see each other.

I hope that something here will be of help to you!

Blessings and courage!



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