Do Unto Others

I have often found it easy to be thankful and praising of God when everything is going well.  I’m amazed, however, at how quickly I can go from “God is great” to “how could You let that happen?” when times grow harder.

I think of Job and everything he went through.  Here was a devout man of God, so good that even Satan knew of his faith.  When Job lost everything, though, he crawled into the down dump and sat in ashes for a week.  He questioned God about why these things had been allowed to happen, and if they were meant to happen why did God allow him even to be born.  Of course, Job did not once turn his back on God, merely questioned when things got unbelievable hard and he had nothing.

Not too long ago many people in the Gulf region of the United States lost everything in the devastation brought on by Hurricane Katrina.  People of all walks of life, from the very richest to the very poorest found themselves on equal footing as both had but the foundations of their former homes left.  Every space they called sacred, from their homes to their business to their places of worship, and been blown away in the storm.

Gulfport, Mississippi was near the center of the storm, with the loss near total.  But there was one person in Gulfport who saw that many people were hurting and lost and decided to do something about it.  11-year-old Kelsie Buckley saw that the Gulfport library no longer had any books, furniture, and it barley had walls.  Kelsie realized that many people enjoyed those books that the library had within its walls, and she decided to try and raise some money to help put books back on the shelves.  As she put it, “Books help you get your mind off of any bad things that are going on.”  So Kelsie rode her horse back and forth across Mississippi and raised $9,000 in pledges.

Kelsie got the attention of CBS News correspondent Steve Hartmann, and after he did a story on the news about what Keslie was trying to achieve for the Gulfport library, money and pledges poured in from around the country.  Now Kelsie says she would like to raise $10,000 for all the libraries in the Gulfport area, 7 libraries in all.

But there’s a couple of things you should know about Kelsie.  The first is that she and her family lost everything in Katrina and now live in a FEMA trailer.  Yet for some reason this little girl is trying to raise money to help her community, not herself.  And the most amazing thing is that this little girl who is riding her horse across a devastated state to help get books for her library is that she is very nearly blind.  You see, Kelsie has a rare disease that has all but stolen her eyesight, and some days she can’t see anything at all.  But she is determined to bring back stories and laughter to those around her.

Sometimes I feel like I have it bad, but I have a roof over my head, food on my table, and I have a church to worship in each week.  If I lost all of that, all of my sacred spaces, would I whine and complain (as I would be sorely tempted to do) or would I have the courage of an 11-year-old girl and help rebuild those sacred places, not for me, but for those around me?

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