I Believe In God

man-prayingI believe in God. I don’t mean in the sense that I believe he exists. I do, but I’m talking about a different belief.

I believe in God the way I believe in my friends. I believe he’s happy to take my call, that he looks forward to spending time with me. That he is interested in what I have to say. That he’s anxious to listen and eager to help. That if I need to move, he’ll bring the truck.

I believe in God the way that I believe in my employer. I believe that he has a purpose for me and that he supplies me with the means to accomplish that purpose. I believe that he has created a job perfectly suited to my interests and abilities and that he’s there to coach, mentor and expand my abilities, responsibilities, and job satisfaction.

I believe in God the way I believe in my parents. I believe that he sees through all the errors in judgement, mistakes, misdeeds, ignorance, arrogance, rebellion, and nonsense to see the good in me. I believe that, despite failure after failure, he still has confidence in me. That no matter how many times I turn away he’s watching and waiting with open arms, anxiously expecting me to turn to him. I believe that every time I turn to him he receives me as a perfect child despite my extreme imperfection.

I believe in God the way I believe in my country. I believe that God seeks justice and protects the innocent. That he implements laws to protect me, not him. That he places wise and honest authorities over me for the benefit of me and everyone else.

I believe in God the way I believe in my favorite restaurant. I believe that God prepares good things for me and wants me to enjoy my food. I believe that God takes pleasure in serving me, and that he’ll always be there with a wholesome and appetizing meal.

I believe in God the way I believe in my City. I believe that living in community with God protects me from countless problems of which I’ll never be aware. That God likes, builds, and wants a community where people are more inclined to help than to harm. That he wants community identity, purpose and good.

I believe that any time I see any of these good things anywhere or in anyone I’m seeing reflections of God. Whether I’m eating with friends, working on a project, attending a concert, exploring an art show, or helping a drug addict in a homeless shelter, the good that is there is God.

Do I believe that God exists? Certainly, but more importantly I believe IN God.


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