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I am fascinated by headlines.  I’m fascinated by them because they do a very specific job, that is, to sell a story.  What headlines are we putting out there as individuals and as a church?  Too many times our headlines and our stories do not match making people cringe.  When a headline is out of context with the story people get confused and eventually stop tuning in to your story.  This basically means we need to be real, transparent, and authentic in all we do and all we say.  The Bible was intended to be this way.  But the reality is that, perhaps more than any other book, the Bible has been taken out of context so much, that people have stopped tuning in.  What happened to real, transparent, authentic?

One of my favorite misquoted texts is “God will not give me more than I can handle…”  It’s used all the time by people who are going through very difficult trials in life.  ”I lost my house, my wife, my kids, my dogs… but, God will not give me more…”  Really?  Although a comforting thought, it’s not what the Bible says.  It has nothing to do with trials and challenges in your life.  The Context is temptation, not trials.

So, make sure that your life and your quotes are in Context.  It makes for a much better story.

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