It’s Going Very Badly…

“Once you were dead because of your disobedience and your many sins.” -Ephesians 2:1 [NLT]

It usually takes a lot to freak me out, but just the idea of not being able to see the bottom of a body of water sends chills up my spine.

I remember as a child being horrifically afraid of the “deep end” of Hornsby Spring at Camp Kulaqua.  The clear, fresh water lets one see vividly the sandy shallows and the algae-covered rock ledges. But in the middle of the spring was that dark, vertical, seemingly bottomless cavern. Summer camp myths held that some divers sunk into the hole never to be seen again.

With a little pre-teen imagination, a couple of spooky far-fetched stories told by campfire, and the vivid camp pastor imagery of being “cast into the depths of the sea,” it’s no wonder I had a phobia about the deep, drowning, and dead divers.  For my young, junior camper mind, there was no worse death than sinking into the dark depths, joining the misfortune of those divers, forever lost in that bottomless pit.

When Micah 7:19b talks of my sins being hurled “into the depths of the sea,” I immediately think of Hornsby Spring.  My “camper bunk-bed nightmare” that haunts me, even now as an adult, is that I can’t get loose of my sin.  I am bound to it, chained to it, I can’t break free from it. I’m headed deeper into the darkness.

Like an anvil necklace, my sins are sinking me into the abyss.  And beyond my past sins, I know the evil in my heart and the chronic ways I stray from what is right.  My disobedience adds to my sin-laden “bling,” dragging me deeper and deeper into the dark of death. Ephesians 2:1 shares clearly the cause of my death. And for me, from the looks of this first verse, “It’s going very badly.”

However, isn’t is strange that this verse is poised in the “past tense?”

Or maybe better said, isn’t it glorious that this verse is poised in the “past tense?”

So possibly, just possibly,
“It is going very badly,”
might be better said,
“It was going very badly.”

From horror to hope, might there be a reversal of fortune?

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