Jesus, I Need a Hug

Have you ever had a bad day?  You know the one I mean.  That day where nothing seems to go right?  You oversleep and barely make it to work on time.  When you get to work you get slammed with a large project and become immediately buried behind a mountain of papers that need to be done in an hour.  When you finally escape to lunch, you spill ketchup on your brand new white shirt.  Then you go back to the office and that cute girl you’ve been trying to get to notice you for a couple of weeks finally decides to come by and chat with you and your ketchup stain.  Have you ever had a bad day?

I think that we all have.  If you look back in the Bible, almost everyone in there had a bad day.  Joseph got sold into slavery by his own brothers.  Elijah was being hunted down because he stood up for God.  Isaiah was sawed in half because the king didn’t like what he was saying.  Jeremiah was thrown in prison.  Peter was crucified upside down.  Paul was beaten and stoned.  John got thrown onto a little rock in the middle of the ocean.  A lot of people in the Bible had really bad days.  The thing of it is though, most of them embraced the bad days.

Does that mean they enjoyed getting tortured and hurt and run ragged?  Heck no!  But rather than despair, they looked to their friend God to comfort them, and He always did.  That doesn’t mean He always took the bad days away, but He gave them comfort because He was there going through the trials with them.  He goes through our trials with us, too.

When I’m having a bad day, I enjoy a hug from a friend.  I used to have a friend named Carrie who, even if we weren’t getting along all that well, would give me a hug when I was feeling down.  I don’t know how she knew, she just did, and what’s more, despite any disagreement we had, the hug was always there.  I really appreciated that!  But now Carrie lives several states away, and if I’m at home and my wife is still at work, and no one else is around and I really need a hug, what do I do?  I ask Jesus for a hug.

That might seem strange to some people, asking the Lord Almighty for a hug.  It might seem irreverent or just plain nuts, but for me Jesus gives the best hugs EVER.  There have been times when I’ve had an incredibly bad day, am depressed, stressed out, and feel all alone.  I just lay it out for God; I pour my heart and soul out to Him, and when I’m done I ask Him for a hug, and you know what?  He gives me one.  It’s like nothing else, but I feel a million times better afterwards.  I feel like smiling, like laughing, like jumping for joy!  Is the problem still there?  Yes, but rather than getting discouraged I feel more ready to handle it because I know my friend God is right there beside me holding my hand.

The next time you’re despairing and feel as if you have no place to turn, turn to God.  He’s there, He’s willing, and He’s definitely able.  If you’re feeling blue, look up and say, “Jesus, can I have a hug?”

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