Ornaments of Grace

At this point, you’ve probably already dragged out all of your Christmas decorations. Inevitably there’s always one or two of those ornaments that get broken, or come unraveled.You would probably never think of putting those broken ornaments on your Christmas tree, and display them for all your family and friends. In the same way that Christmas tree ornaments get cracked, broken, and come unraveled so do people’s lives. It is natural for all of us to want to cover up the cracks or somehow manage when things are coming undone, but often our hidden chaos comes to light for all to see.

Rahab was a prostitute, and everyone in Jericho knew it. Her occupation was an outward reflection of the inward brokenness caused by sin, and the Fall. But Rahab is listed among the faithful of scripture. She’s right there alongside David, Gideon, Sampson, and Moses. It’s interesting that the church tends to distance itself from the Rahabs of the world, the “broken” and “cracked” people; those whose private worlds have unraveled, and seeped out into public.

Like a broken Christmas tree ornament that simply gets tossed in the trash it is just as easy to disregard people who make us a tad bit uncomfortable because of the scandal they are. Whether intentional, or not the church is often reserved for the pretty, talented, and good-looking folks who by all appearances have it all together.

What is more remarkable about Rahab is that ultimately God determined that even though she was one of the “cracked” and “broken” ones she was worthy to be displayed with all the rest of the faithful “heroes” in the Bible. Thankfully, because of Jesus, our blemishes aren’t seen, and out of the chaos we create comes His peace. In the end believers are the beneficiaries of God’s grace, and His willingness to hang, in humiliation, on the “tree” broken, and cracked by our sin.

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