Steps to Christ, Pt. 4: Consecration

Some have said that justification is done in a moment, but sanctification is the work of a life time.  If that is true, repentance can be likened to justification because the moment a sinner repents, they are justified in the eyes of God.  Consecration can be likened to sanctification because as an individual learns to consecrate themselves daily to God, permission is granted for God to work out His good and perfect will in the sinners life.  This is what sanctification is all about.

Ellen states, “He sets before us the height of blessing to which He desires to bring us, through His grace.  He invites us to give ourselves to Him, that He may work His will in us.  It remains for us to choose whether we will be set free from the bondage of sin, to share the glorious liberty of the sons of God.” If you miss this, you may become easily confused thinking that this is all about you and what you do or do not do in order to gain God’s favor.  The key here is to keep in mind that “HE sets… HE desires, through HIS grace”!  In other words, it is all about what Jesus desires for us.  Please keep in mind that He desires to fulfill His good and perfect will in your life (Romans 12:2).

Take a moment to read the first chapter of Ephesians (especially through :14).  When you do so, count the times that you are responsible for anything when it comes to salvation, righteousness, perfection, etc.  Last time I check, which was about 20 seconds ago, you and I are only responsible for ONE thing!!!!!  It is found in :14 and it occurs when we “believed in Him.” That is what consecration is all about, actually believing in God in the good times and the bad, at the beginning of, during and at the end of every day, putting our entire faith, hope and love into Jesus!

By beholding Him, we will become changed.

In the last paragraph of this chapter, Ellen states that, “By yielding up your will to Christ, you ally yourself with the power that is above all principalities and powers.  You will have strength from above to hold you steadfast, and thus through constant surrender to God you will be enabled to live the new life, even the life of faith.” Are you ready to live the consecrated and victorious life?  Simply surrender all to Jesus!



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