I’m tired… what next?  A scary question but a question that needs to be asked.

-Tired of complaining about Status Quo and doing nothing about it… I’m a freakin’ hypocrite
-Tired of complacency
-Tired of spinning and going nowhere
-Tired of fooling myself into thinking I’m making a difference
-I’m tired…

What next?

-Tired of ignoring the very words I speak
-Tired of thinking
-Tired of analyzing everything and everyone and trying to sift through what’s real

What next?

-Tired of injustice even when I’m the cause of it
-Tired of lies disguised as piety
-Tired of faking a smile when I just want to cry
-Tired of neglecting those closest to me so I can impress people I don’t even know

What next?

-Tired of insignificant stuff consuming so much significant time
-Tired of preservation instead of innovation
-Tired of innovation just to innovate
-Tire of not playing… laughing…

What next?

-Tired of minimizing the greatness of God
-Tired of trying to figure out the divine
-Tired of not giving God enough credit… enough time… enough!
-Tired of not living like Jesus
-Tired of being tired

What next?  That’s not up to me to figure out.  And yet the question needs to be asked… not to arrive at an answer but to realize we are always in motion, that we are never done… that as long as I’m breathing there’s something significant for us to do… there’s something significant for us to be.. there’s something for us to give.


I’ll never get tired of that.

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