What’s Good About Good Friday?

What is “good” about Good Friday?  Granted it is the commemorative day that we celebrate Jesus dying on the cross for our sins, but if you were there that day, would you have called it good?

I have just revisited the account of Jesus dying on the cross.  If I had been there that day I am not sure that I would have thought good of that day.  While I am sure that there would have been confusion in my head as to why this was happening, I am confident that my emotions would have gotten the best of me as I would have been devastated to see my best friend being crucified.  This would not have been a good day.  As a matter-a-fact, I would imagine that this would not have been a good weekend.  Sabbath would simply have not been the same without Jesus there.  The singing, the worship, the meal, the fellowship: all of it would have felt empty.

Then waking up Sunday morning the first thought on my mind is that Jesus is dead.  That empty feeling would have filled my stomach once more.  My appetite would be gone as I could hardly eat breakfast.  All I can think about is that Jesus is dead.  Where there used to be light, now there is darkness.  Where there used to be life, now I feel like death.
I make my way out to his tomb to prepare his body further.  Upon arrival I find that He is not there and I am told by an angel that He is risen.  Suddenly I am mixed with an emotion of both excitement and confusion.  ”Where could He be?!” I turn to leave and I ask the gardner who is working on his crops if he has seen Jesus?  After some brief dialogue this gardner calls me by name and I realize that it is Jesus!  This day has become GREAT SUNDAY!
If you have seen Mel Gibson’s, The Passion you will remember the terrible scenes of Jesus being beaten, spit upon, and crucified.  Many were horrified over how gruesome Jesus’ plot was portrayed, some even left unable to watch any more.  What bothered me the most was how little emphasis was given to the resurrection.  Why?  Because while Jesus’ sacrifice on Friday is something that I am thankful for every day, it is the resurrection that assures me that Jesus is alive and well today.  He has defeated death and the grave.  He is victorious over all of the sins on this planet.  He lives so that I too my have life and life more abundant.  This to me is GREAT NEWS!

I know that Ellen White makes the statement that, “It would be well to spend a thoughtful hour each day reviewing the life of Christ from the manger to Calvary. We should take it point by point and let the imagination vividly grasp each scene, especially the closing ones of His earthly life.” While I see this as I too think that it would be well for us to spend one of the other 24 hours in the day praising God that He is alive and well today!

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