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24-Seven is a church. We love Jesus Christ with all of our hearts; he is our LORD, our savior, our passion and, our life. This Earth is a battleground where evil creates a thick veil of misinformation about reality and about the personality of God. Evil says that God is an enemy, He is unjust, He asks things of us that are impossible, and He insists that we live boring, unloving, fake lives. FALSE! God is the opposite. He helps us when we are in need, He is with us at every moment, he executes justice on behalf of the innocent, he is real, he loves us just as we are, and He loves us too much to leave us that way! Evidence in Christianity may suggest otherwise, but at 24-Seven we are getting to know who God really is. We constantly search for deeper meaning and love; we find both in the Messiah, Christ Jesus. He is the ONLY example of how a Christian should act, and he promises to make us into his likeness. If you are looking for a revolution, a movement of righteousness, a place to watch your misconceptions about God burn away like tissue paper, join our march!

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