When Daddy Comin?

For the past two weeks, I have been home with my family celebrating our new arrival! Since there is only so much I can do for our new baby, most of my time was spent playing with and taking Read more

Angel Tree

When I was a child, my family fully embraced the traditions of Christmas. We decorated our home with the most cherished ornaments, lights, and bows. We handmade or purchased gifts with much thought about the receiver. We made plans Read more

Begin with Jesus

The autobiography of G. Stanley Jones is titled A Song of Ascent, and it’s considered to be a spiritual classic. Jones was a great man: a missionary to India, a friend to Gandhi, a tireless world traveler, and a Read more


Have you ever been responsible for a task you didn’t particularly enjoy? Perhaps you can relate to one homemaker who developed a unique perspective on some of her less enjoyable household duties. She said: I don't do windows because I Read more

New Each Day

Patrick Henry, whose primary contribution to the history books is the phrase "Give me liberty or give me death," made another memorable statement. He said, "I know of no way of judging the future but by the past." Repeat this before Read more

I Am Second | Randy Moore

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The grief over my wife’s death was replaced with peace.

I Am Second | Tamara Jolee

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Despite incurable cancer, I am content with my life.

Blue. A Short Film.

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In Blue, 22-year old Jess has been building walls of denial after her father was diagnosed with cancer. When her father helps paint her room the color she’s always wanted (blue), he is there when she realizes where there is life, there is hope . . . and true peace lies in acceptance.

Based on the short story by Lynn Downey. It was inspired by true events of her close friend and her father; together they bravely stared death in the face and found peace.

Official Site // blueshortfilm.blogspot.com

Facebook Page // facebook.com/BlueShortFilm