I Am Second | Shane Kampe

I’m not supposed to be here…

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  1. Pamela Waldrep

    This is amazing! So amazing that it’s almost unbelievable, except that Shane Kampe is here today to tell his story to millions. God is so GREAT!!! Thank you to Shane for being such an instrument for our Lord. He’s changing the lives of so many people by walking with Him. Thank you, GOD, for Shane! And thank you, Shane, for being a believer in Christ!!

    • Shane Kampe

      Thank you Ms Waldrep, Im very thankful Jesus chose to use me in such an amazing way and to touch many people. You should check out Whispering Danny On I Am Second he has an amazing story about his coming to faith and his family
      heritage. The whole story is truly miraculous. God is so good His ways are not our ways!

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